Really weird. Somehow, I think at 3am this morning, my characters popped off the paper and decide to do a meet and greet. Maybe it was the sugar rush going to my brain or there was something in the tea... Either case, here I met the cast.

Econ decided to go first and shake paws. He was kinda nervous since Pohcca prompted him to...

I tried to say Hello to Adam, but for someone who never seemed shy before, he certainly tried to hide. He was the least talkative. Pohcca said to give him a change some other time.

Pohcca was the easiest to meet of the four. She was right to dancing on my fingers. What a free spirit!

WARNING: Do not poke the kitty.

Namu did not want to meet me. Even after Econ and Pohcca promted him too. He got rather sour... so I poked him. Soon came the claws. OUCH!

Later, I think the sleep got to me, and like that, they were gone. Maybe there lurking about my room somewhere.
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