Earth as we never knew. A world dominated by cold machines and animals that can talk. The planet is known to be divided into Six continents. Three of these continents are ruled over by the different machine groups with different looks and appearances.

Each continent is known as a suffix "-Seya" which means "continent" to the Ferals. Each of the continents have a several different areas located with them. If the suffix "-bom" appears in the comic, it refers to a popular town in the area. There are several small towns that are located in the areas, but aren't that high in population to account enough as high as a city. Thus each region is known to have at least one main city or town which people and machines might progress through.


Pronounced "Uh-peh-Seh-yah". This is perhaps the wide spread part of the world. It touches the tip of almost all the continents except Pojuseya. Its host to the Juperbel, the nomadic machines. In Chapter 1, the story takes place briefly in Daroba.

The Juperbel, pronounced "Juu-Per-Bell", are the nomadic machines of this country, take their Ark convoys across the continent from the edge of the Daruba region to the other side, Hons, and as high North as Juespa. The regional location of the Juperbel is at the city of Jusamubom.


Pronounced "Kay-soh-Seh-yah". This is the second most popular area of the world. However, the regions of this part of the continent are heavily populated for the planet. Gunambom and Comrabom are the two heavily industrialized cities of the planet. The Feral of this region share a symbiotic relationship with the Rurnel. The Rurnel are large solid machines that don't often move migrate unless there is a need to. They completely oversee the lives of the ferals in just this area. This continent is where Namu is from.


Pronounced "Eh-juu-Seh-ya". This region of the world is in fact dieing. Once just as populated as the Upeseya region, a series of mysterious disapperances began to happen over the years. Leaving many a question to what exactly exists in the Yelsal desert region.

This continent is home to the Purbel, pronounced "Pure-Bell", they are a series of murderous machines. Mostly coming from a place called "The Vanishing Necropolis". Over the decades, many of the surrounding towns were either abandoned and/or worse. After many years dealing with the Purbel, the remaining districts have abandoned the region. It was also known that a few towns in Konduba region have been infected with a Lepidopteritis.


An unknown region to Ferals. The area is however highly populated with civilized lizard folk who dominated the island nation. It is understood that there are little robot communications to the island nations.


A rural area. The Juperbel do not have contact with this area. However, there is a known series of trouble come from other Ferals that lived in the Duseya continent.


There hasn't been any known Feral migrations to this region of the world because of a desert region towards the north that been hard to navigate around.

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