Adam, Eve, and the Bible::

-- In the old testament, the story of creation, "Genesis", is told twice.

Genesis 1:1 to Genesis 1:31 is all about the seven days of creation. In the first 6 days, god creates:

The Earth, Light, Sky, the Stars and Moon

Animals of the sea and skys, Animals of the land,
And finally the Guardians of the Earth which he named "Man".

Then on the 7th he rested.

-- However, Genesis 2:1 to Genesis 2:25, the story of creation is once again told, and for some odd reason, in a different way. This time, the story is about Eden which once again takes place on Earth. There is no mention of time in some of the stories, but the sequence of created events takes place as such:

Earth, Water, Man, Plants and Rivers,

The Garden of God's Trees*, Animals, and then Woman.

-- Moreover, this story isn't clear between versions as well. Adam is often known as the first man. Eve is usually the second. There is another woman though, Lilith, who was created as Adam's first wife, however, she was a devil woman and all children she bore with Adam were the monsters that inhabit hell now.

Lilith of course was left in the Jewish version of the story, and cut from the Catholic.

-- The Garden of God's trees is also jumbled a lot. In some stories, God says that you can only eat from one tree, and none of the others. Or in other tales, there are two trees to avoid. In a third there were only two trees in god's garden. The apple changes characteristics as well. Modern thought it was of knowledge that you gained when you ate it. Another was death, or a curse. Of course, the modern version of the story says that there is one tree to avoid because it's fruit, IE the apple.

Actually, the forbidden fruit wasn't an apple until the Renissance, when the bible scenes were drawn out as pictures, and if you guessed it, the fruit was the color red, so naturally it became an apple.

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